Our Community Arts and Crafts group – Craft at The Cowshed was set up primarily to recycle items that are unsuitable for passing on to our referrals such as bedding, unusable clothing or damaged curtains. Such items are repurposed into the bags we use to provide our referrals in. We aim to be a zero single-use plastic organisation. We have a number of volunteers producing referral bags, but as we typically use 4-5 bags per referral, we need quite a lot! Our busy team also make other items to be sold at craft fairs to help support the main charity, including cushions made from old shirts, bunting and fabric Christmas decorations. As well as being a community focal point and recycling items that would otherwise end up in landfill the group are also helping to pass on sewing skills to anyone that wants to learn. Thanks to funding from Prudential, Greggs and The Postcode Community Trust, we were able to purchase the required equipment and the group meets regularly at a number of locations.



If you love to craft and would like to support us by joining our small but friendly group, please contact us on If you can’t make it to our regular meetings but would still like to help, many of our supporters work on craft projects at home for us and bring them in when convenient.