Corporate Volunteering

We are pleased to be offering the exciting opportunity for businesses to send their employees to us for a day of volunteering, where they can spend time helping our charity to provide love and support to the community. With only a limited number of staff, the charity is heavily reliant on our amazing team of loyal and committed volunteers. In addition to our regular volunteers, we regularly welcome both individuals and groups of volunteers from organisations looking to donate their time to support their local community. Our charity could not run without volunteer support, and we are very grateful for anyone that chooses to join our team.

Subject to availability, we can usually take groups of up to 6 people at a time.  For slightly larger groups, please contact

Volunteers will learn all about our services to the local community and the vast range of people we support.

The work of volunteers includes:

  • sorting donations (we typically receive around 3 tonnes every week!)
  • washing/drying/ironing
  • checking equipment (such as toys/books/prams and other baby equipment)
  • cleaning shoes and other items
    sorting through and organising toiletry donations for the Hygiene Bank
  • helping in our Little Black Dress Shop
  • making tote bags with our craft team (we use donated, recycled textiles to make around 150 bags each week and volunteers will be taught how to make the bags under guidance from a member of our talented craft team).


Whilst we do not usually charge for these sessions, donations play a vital role in the success of our charity and it would be an enormous help if you/your company could consider making a donation.

Other ways in which you can help

In addition to volunteering, your organisation can support our charity in many different ways. Some of the most popular methods include making donations, match funding, sponsoring events, and participating in fundraising activities. Additionally, companies can also take part in awareness campaigns, help to raise awareness of our charity and its cause through social media, or provide free products or services to the charity. All of these methods can help The Cowshed to achieve its goals and make a difference in the community.

Please consider if you or your organisation can help in any of these ways and then contact

Volunteers will gain an insight into the valuable work which we do at the Cowshed to support the local community whilst recycling for the benefit of the environment.  Your contribution will have a positive impact on the local community and we are sure that your time here will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

How to apply

If you are interested in our volunteer days or require any further information, about this or indeed supporting us in any of our other projects, please contact Rebecca on