Noah’s Boxes – Donate £89 for a Starter Box

What it’s all about

The Cowshed Charity has now been providing support to local people for three years. In that time, we have helped over 10,000 people in crisis with clothing, bedding, curtains, toiletries, craft packs, Christmas sacks and other essential items.

We have remained open right through the pandemic and have sadly seen a 400% increase for our service. We are being asked more and more for household items such as cutlery, towels, crockery, pans, kitchen utensils etc for people moving in to sheltered / emergency accommodation who for whatever reason have found themselves with very few possessions and do not have the resources to purchase these themselves.

We have partnered with a fantastic new company in London called Noah who offer starter packs . These packs each contain items which provide a great start for people who are often in extremely difficult and traumatic situations. The boxes can be adjusted to meet the person’s/family’s requirements and are delivered straight to their homes.

The boxes start at £89 and we would like to ask you, your company or organisation to sponsor one or multiple boxes please to help those less fortunate in our area.

“I am Safety Link Worker allocated to work with V as she is a DV survivor. From my regular communications with V I have observed her to be very proactive in sourcing help for herself. V also appears determined to stay away from unsafe situations in order to create a better future for herself.”
“Now that V has managed to get away from her perpetrator and has her own place to live, she desperately needs some help to be more comfortable there. V’s main source of funds used to come from her abusive ex-partner. V is now doing her best to acquire all she needs for herself however her benefits doesn’t stretch far enough. I hope you will be able to help V with as much as possible”.

If you or anyone in your organisation is able to support us with fundraising or a donation, we would be extremely grateful for your help.  Email Sally at or call us on 01189 345120