Recycling & Reducing Plastic

We are committed to protecting the environment and as such, The Cowshed will have a twofold impact; recycling used clothing whilst also helping those most in need. In a recent report, The House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee stated that there is a basic problem with an industry that relies on persuading people to throw away good clothes because they are ‘last year’s colour’. It quotes evidence that:

  • British shoppers buy far more new clothes than any other nation in Europe
  • People are buying twice as many items of clothing than they did a decade ago

They believe swift action is essential, because if current clothes consumption continues, “…they will account for more than a quarter of our total impact on climate change by 2050”, Chairwoman Mary Creagh told BBC News. “Three in five garments end in landfill or incinerators within a year – that’s expensive fuel! half a million tonnes of microfibres a year enter the ocean. Doing nothing is not an option”. All the clothes that are donated to us will be used; the good quality clothes will be washed and ironed ready for our clients, the slightly damaged clothes /bedding will be repurposed by our community arts and crafts group to make items for us to sell and tote bags for us to put our referrals in in an effort to keep plastic use at a minimum. Anything left after this will be sold to a recycling organisation to raise further funds to help sustain the charity.