The Cowshed is committed to supporting, developing, and promoting equality and diversity in all of its practices and activities and aims to establish an inclusive culture free from discrimination and based upon the values of dignity, courtesy and respect.

Equality and diversity is about recognising and valuing fundamental human rights and ensuring equal access for all both in employment, volunteering and service delivery.

We believe that one of the core values of our organisation is the need to treat every individual in a way that respects the uniqueness and intrinsic worth of each person. As an organisation with a unique and distinctive ethos we will interpret our Diversity Policy to ensure that this distinctiveness and ethos is maintained. All employees participate in training to ensure that equality and diversity is promoted within the organisation.

We are committed to oppose direct and indirect discrimination on the grounds of disability, ethnicity or national origin, race, colour, gender, marital status, domestic circumstances, age, sex or sexual orientation, political opinion, trade union membership and religious belief or affiliation. We recognise there are groups in society who are disadvantaged through discrimination and, where appropriate, will work to redress any inequality in our own service delivery and employment practices.

This policy builds upon the foundation of equality legislation and anti-discrimination guidance and strives, not only to comply with legal requirements, but to use these to ensure that The Cowshed endeavours to exemplify best practice.

The policy applies to all applicants for roles with The Cowshed, all staff employed on a full time or part-time basis, all staff on permanent or temporary contracts, to agency staff, all trustees and volunteers, contract holders and visitors undertaking duties in the name of The Cowshed, and to any sub-contractors undertaking work at any of our locations.