Referral Policies

This policy outlines the referral criteria and procedure for Individuals & Families to receive help from The Cowshed.

  • We accept referrals from recognised professionals on behalf of individuals and families
  • If an individual or family want to self-refer they will need to get a recognised professional to endorse their referral.
  • ‘Professional’ refers to local authority appointed: Social Workers, Housing Officers, Health Visitors and Childcare Workers and other such professionals who work with those in need.
    • Professionals must use their judgement to determine the level of need;
    •  in exceptional circumstances, The Cowshed will send a volunteer to assess the need of a referral.

Referral Procedures

If you would like to refer someone to The Cowshed then you need to fill out the referral form on the website, or email us at and request a referral form. You can then submit the details of the referral you would like to make.

Upon receiving a referral we will assess the application and review the stock we have on offer at the time. We will be in touch as soon as possible to let the referrer know what we can offer to
help the referee and we will then arrange self-selection, delivery or collection of the items provided.

Depending on circumstances at the time referral items can be;

  • Collected by the referrer
  • Collected by the person referred
  • Delivered to the referrers place of work
  • Delivered to the person referred

We will also be able to offer a service where individuals who have been referred can come to our premises and select items they require directly.

As the items we have in stock change all the time we cannot guarantee that we will have what
the individual or family needs. In this case we will add them to a waiting list and inform the referrer when appropriate items become available.

Anyone who receives goods from us will do so in good faith that we have assessed the items to be good quality.

In general we endeavour to fulfil all referrals within 14 days, often this can be quicker though. If the referral is urgent or an emergency we will do our best to fulfil the request as quickly as possible.