Safeguarding statement

This statement outlines The Cowshed’s position regarding the importance of safeguarding adults at risk and recognises that our staff and volunteers are in a privileged position of trust.  The Cowshed will not tolerate the abuse of adults or children and is committed to safeguarding them all from harm, including but not limited to those at risk of abuse, neglect, and self-harm/neglect. The Cowshed partners closely with designated agencies and qualified professional bodies.


All adults should be able to live free from fear and harm, however some may find it hard to get the help and support they need. Some adults may be unable to protect themselves from harm or exploitation for many reasons, including their mental or physical incapacity, sensory loss or physical or learning disabilities, frailty, addiction, or illness.

The Cowshed and its representatives strive to ensure that adults in need are involved in their own decisions and informed consent is obtained where possible. The Cowshed will be transparent and accountable in delivering safeguarding actions.

Who can provide advice or support:

The designated Safeguarding Leads for The Cowshed are:

Rebecca Mole / 0118 934 5120 /

Becky Russell / 0118 934 5120 /

A log of reported concerns will be made.

If no Cowshed staff are available:

  •  Contact the Wokingham Borough Council Safeguarding Hub 0118 974 6371
  • For concerns about a child contact Wokingham Borough Council children services 0118 908 8002
  • For out of office hours queries contact the safeguarding helpline 01344 786 543

The Safeguarding Leads and CEO are responsible for making decisions about notifying adult social services, if required, and will consider alternative actions, as necessary.

Confidentiality and information sharing

All staff, volunteers and Trustees must maintain confidentiality at all times. To comply with Data Protection law, The Cowshed will not share information unless required by law. It should however be noted that information may be shared with authorities if an adult is deemed to be at risk of harm. Cowshed staff will always attempt to obtain consent before sharing information if it is appropriate to do so. When sharing the information, it is important to inform whether consent has been given or not, and the reasons for that.

Further information, support, and guidance

The Cowshed is dedicated to its safeguarding commitments. Our full policy and guidelines can be obtained by requesting a copy from