The Cowshed recognises and embraces the benefits and opportunities that social media brings.  Defined as a type of interactive online media, it allows parties to communicate instantly with each other or to share data in a public forum, including online social forums, apps, video-and image-sharing websites, and similar facilities and can be used to share news, information and successes, keeping staff, Trustees, volunteers, clients, funders and supporters up to date with our news.

The Cowshed encourages positive engagement through social media; however, we are mindful that there is a risk involved in using social media, in that, it is an instantaneous and far-reaching form of communication and inappropriate use can impact individuals and the reputation of The Cowshed.

We currently collect the following information: Names, quotes and ‘thank-you’s’, photographs from activities and events, and funder support information.

Consent to sharing the above information on social media for our employees, trustees, volunteers, clients and funders is implied by association with The Cowshed. However, if you have any objections, please do not hesitate to contact

Our social media channels.


All of our social media channels are closely monitored and access to the posting of information on behalf of The Cowshed is restricted to designated employees only.

For volunteers

If you’re talking about us on your own social media account:

  • Please do talk about us, we want lots of people to know about us and our work! Use a website link to show your friends more information.
  • Use photos where you can, they are proven to engage with a greater number of people. Please do remember to get permission from any clients if using their photo though and be mindful to protect them. Don’t reveal their full name, address or any identifying information that may make them vulnerable.
  • Think about who is going to see your post – if you are in doubt about the content of your post or worry that it might offend others or put any clients at risk, don’t post it. Almost everything we post online can be copied and shared, even with private accounts.
  • Be kind, supportive and enthusiastic – in line with our ethos. Be courteous and respectful of other people and their views, religions, and cultures.