This statement outlines The Cowshed’s standards regarding the expected conduct of all volunteers and explains the steps, and consequences, that will be followed should a volunteer’s conduct fail to meet these standards. The Cowshed holds our volunteers in the highest regard as they give their time to support those in need, however it will not hesitate to act should it be found that a volunteer has behaved in an unacceptable or inappropriate manner and/or brought The Cowshed’s name into disrepute.

Code of conduct principles

Volunteers are expected to act in line with the following non-exhaustive list of principles when providing voluntary services on behalf of The Cowshed.

  • Comply with all Cowshed policies and procedures as related to the Volunteer position;
  • Be aware of and comply with relevant training, health, safety and security procedures;
  • Follow all reasonable instructions given by The Cowshed and respect those of third parties you may come into contact with during the course of volunteering, e.g. families, Carers, etc;
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding the personal circumstances of clients.
  • Must not disparage or damage The Cowshed’s reputation;
  • Act as a trusted partner and ambassador of The Cowshed and seek assistance from The Cowshed if there is any doubt regarding volunteer responsibilities.

Potential outcomes for failure to comply

Where it is reported to The Cowshed that the conduct of a volunteer does not meet with our standards, a meeting will be convened to understand the situation and the purpose of resolving any issues or concerns. Where it is found that there has been a serious failure to meet The Cowshed’s Code of Conduct standards, it may result in the termination of the volunteer position. Where it is found that a volunteer has broken the law, the appropriate authorities will be informed.

Our commitment

The Cowshed is so proud of its volunteers and the work they do, we could not function without them. Public recognition is overwhelmingly positive and we are fully committed to providing strong support to all new and existing volunteers, who should not hesitate to contact us with any queries or concerns at any time.