At The Cowshed, we rely on the help of our wonderful volunteers to make a difference in our community. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities available at both our locations in Hurst and Reading. These include sorting donations, washing, and ironing clothes, administrative tasks, fundraising, assisting with referrals, and more. Whether you have an hour to spare on a regular basis or can only volunteer on occasion, we would love to have you join our dynamic and energetic team of over 200 amazing volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please complete the form below. We appreciate your support and look forward to hearing from you.

I started volunteering at The Cowshed after a long period away from paid employment due to illness. I was immediately impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment of all who worked and volunteered at the charity, and, on a personal level, the way I was so warmly accepted and welcomed to ‘the gang.’ The sheer hard graft shown by every single person helping out was such a refreshing environment to be in, and the camaraderie and sheer joy of being part of a charity whose support and need was growing in front of our eyes was awe-inspiring. My colleagues at The Cowshed took me from a very difficult period in my life back to believing in myself. The support and friendship were amazing, and I never want to lose my link with the charity, whether it be through helping out, donating, or just coming in to say hi and make tea for those working so hard for the benefit of others. As much as I helped the charity by volunteering, they helped me to move on with my life, and I will always be grateful for that.

A testimonial from one of our volunteers

What is a Cowshed Volunteer?

• A clothes sorter, a friend supporter
• A hat wearer, a sock pairer
• A help giver, a friendly listener
• A people pleaser, a broken heart easer
• A tea brewer, a clothes re-newer
• A de-fluffer, a cushion puffer
• A stain eraser, a shoe lacer
• A t-shirt folder, an ironing board holder
• A shelf stocker, a floor mopper
• An iron descaler, an emailer
• A furniture mover, a Henry hooverer
• A cake baker, a message taker
• A book wiper, a mess swiper
• A battery tester, a time investor
• A duvet shaker, a friend maker
• A boot finder, a ribbon winder
• A box breaker, a rubbish taker
• A lover of glitter, never a quitter
• Always full of love and cheer,
…that’s what makes a Cowshed volunteer!

Vicky Newland

Volunteer Application Form

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